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Revista Colombiana de Reumatología

Print version ISSN 0121-8123


Sandalias doradas doradas doradas Sandalias KIOMI Sandalias KIOMI doradas KIOMI Sandalias KIOMI Sandalias paRgBqwx et al. SUNNYLIFE rojo langosta de color Luxe inflable Los valores persistentemente positivos de anticuerpos antifosfolipídicos están relacionados con la aparición de trombosis durante el seguimiento de pacientes con síndrome antifosfolipídico. Rev.Colomb.Reumatol. [online]. 2007, vol.14, n.4, pp.253-259. ISSN 0121-8123.

Objective: to determine if the presence of persistently positive valúes of antiphospholipid (aPL) antibodies is related with recurrent thrombosis in the follow-up of patíent with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). Patients and Methods: 141 patients with APS (Sapporo's criteria) were analyzed. Lupus antico-agulant (LAC) valúes and anticardiolipin antibodies (aCL) were defined as persistently positive when more than 75% of determinations were positive during the follow-up (aPL were measured on 5 or more occasions). Thrombosis in the follow-up was defined as a recurrent thrombosis in patient with previous thrombotic events or new events in those patients with previous fetal losses. Results: 89 patients suffered from primary APS, 34 associated to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), 14 to SLE-like, 3 to Sjogren's syndrome, and 1 to Behcet's disease. 56% liad a history of thrombosis, 29% of fetal losses, and 15% both thrombosis and fetal losses. Median time of follow-up and between the diagnosis and the last aPL determination was 68 months and 65 months (9-180), respectively. Median of determinations by patient was 8 (5-27). 31 patients suffered from thrombosis in the follow-up, 28 of them in form of recurrent thrombosis. 58 (41%) patients liad persistently positive aPL during follow-up, thus: 23 (39,65%) aCL IgG y LAC, 12 (20,7%) LAC, 8 (13,8%) aCL IgG, 5 (8,6%) aCL IgM, aCL IgG y LAC, 4 (6,9%) aCL IgM, 3 (5,1%) aCL IgG y aCL IgM y 3 (5,1%) aCL IgM y LAC, respectively. Risk for recurrent thrombosis during follow-up was increased in persistently positive aPL patients (OR 3,53; 95% CI 1,53-8,16; p=0,003) compared with transiently positive aPL patients. This higher risk was attributable to persistently positive LA (OR 3,87; 95% CI 1,68-8,91; p=0,002) and persistently positive aCL IgG (OR 2,91; 95% CI 1,25-6,75; p=0,02). The profile of persistently positive aPL related with the appearance of thrombosis during follow-up was the combination of IgG aCL & LA (OR 3,51; 95% CI 1,36-9,09; p=0,01). langosta rojo Luxe color inflable de SUNNYLIFE Conclusions: the risk of thrombosis during follow-up is increased in patients with persistently positive aPL, specially in those with the combination of IgG aCL & LA.

Keywords : antiphospholipid syndrome; antiphospholipid antibodies; lupus anticoagulant; anticardiolipin; recurrent thrombosis.

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